Terra Mítica is one of the largest and most spectacular theme parks in Europe with 25 thrilling rides, numerous spectacles, themed restaurants and even a brand new 300 room, four star hotel. The park is situated just outside Benidorm on the sunny Costa Blanca and is open from June through to the end of August from 10am-1am daily. Terra Mítica is themed on ancient European civilizations and as such, the park is divided into five areas, each with its own themed rides, attractions and entertainment for all the family.

The five themed zones at Terra Mítica are as follows: Ocionia, Greece, Rome, Iberia and the Mediterranean Islands. On entering the park, the first area you’ll encounter is Ocionia. This zone encompasses ancient Egypt with its spectacular pyramids and mystical River Nile. A gentle cruise awaits, down the river from the port of Alejandria towards Iberia with fabulous views of the various rides available. Some of the rides featured in this zone are water based with the most thrilling of all being Cataratos del Nilo (Fall of Nile). This exciting log flume ride has a 20 metre drop and another in reverse! There is also a gentler kids version of this log flume called Akuatiti. Other attractions in the zone include La Batalla de la Piramide, an indoor paintball feature, and La Piramide del Terror, a haunted maze. The newest addition to the zone is Infinnito, a 100 metre tower with circulating platform offering scenic views of the Benidorm skyline, coast and park land.

The zone dedicated to ancient Greece boasts several high adrenalin, white knuckle rides. Perhaps the scariest is SynKope which is a huge red wheel which both spins and swings at the same time giving riders a stomach churning adrenalin rush. Triton’s Fury is a big river boat ride with steep drops ensuring all passengers a refreshing soaking. Titanide is a giant roller coaster offering spectacular loops and drops. A fun activity for all the family is Kinetos’ Temple, an amazing 5D motion simulating cine theatre. Other attractions in this zone include the flying swings of The Icaruses and the pitch black ride in the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Kids are not left out in any of the areas of Terra Mitica with plenty of slower rides in the form of carousels, boats, swings and fantasy vehicles.

Magnus Colossus awaits visitors to the Rome zone of the theme park. This massive wooden roller coaster is over a kilometre long and its twists and turns take passengers close to 100 kilometres per hour. The Flight of the Phoenix is definitely not for the faint hearted as it hoists thrill seekers 70 metres into the air and then plummets them vertically to the ground at 120 kilometres per hour! Inferno is a 25 metre high flying swing ride which reaches 60 km/hr and produces a 3 g force! Several other calmer rides are available in this zone including Rontundus, a Ferris Wheel aimed at children.

As well as thrilling rides, all zones in the park provide spectacular street and amphitheatre shows featuring colourfully and authentically dressed actors and performers to entertain the whole family. Some of the acts recreate true historic events of the time such as gladiator battles and others fantasy stories to enthral the kids. Many themed restaurants and cafes are available around the park for meals, snacks, ice creams and refreshments. Several of the spectacles offer participants the opportunity to purchase action photos of themselves enjoying the rides or activities. For those wishing to enjoy the facilities of the park over more than one day, the newly opened (2016) Grand Luxor Hotel offers guests overnight accommodation in four star luxury. Visitors may also purchase gifts and memorabilia before leaving in one of the many gift shops scattered around the park.

In 2013 the authorities separated Terra Mítica in two, and the final two zones of Iberia and the Mediterranean Islands were renamed Iberia Park. This sector is now free to enter but visitors are required to purchase tokens to partake in any of the featured rides and activities.

Entrance fees at the gate for Terra Mítica are as follows (2016): Adult: 38€, Family (2 adults & 2 children) 114€ Various other ‘combination’ or ‘afternoon only’ discounted ticket options are available at the gate, but there are many online sites and local Benidorm outlets who also have discount promotions from time to time.