Costa Women is a social network set up for expat women living and working on the Spanish Costas to share friendship, support and information about living life in Spain.

For women, friendships are very important and to move to another culture and country without having a good support system can be hard, so its good for women to have a site they can dip in and out of to create friendships, garner support and get information, particularly if they are new to the area.

Having travelled this far, the Costa Women members already share an adventurous spirit; we have stepped outside of our normal environment and moved to Spain. That provides us with a wonderful connection. The friends that you can make on Costa Women are just one of the many benefits of joining the site. Another great one is the diversity of all individuals who come from all around the world accessing the one site; we all have a story to tell.

The site is free to join and anyone can become a member, no matter what your hobbies, values, beliefs, or views. It has, however, been set up as a springboard to create a network of friends. Whilst the site allows groups of women who have the same interests, or hobbies, to group together, the main focus is to connect women. The rest is up to you. The group started on the Costa del Sol but now has women members throughout Spain and, not surprisingly, many in the Benidorm and Costa Blanca North area. Make contact with the network to learn about activities throughout the east coast of Spain.

Costa Women can be found on our website, Facebook or on twitter