SATE (Service for Foreign Tourist Assistance)

The Foreign Tourist Assistance Services (SATE) is a police department whose role is to offer foreign tourists, visiting the city, personalized assistance after having suffered a criminal offence or any other similar incident. Assistance is given by National Police Service and personnel from the Tourist Board. The tourist is given assistance reporting the crime and other miscellaneous administrative formalities.

• Assistance reporting a crime
• Cancelling credit cards and other official documents
• Getting in touch with embassies and consulates
• Getting in touch with family members/locating them
• Assistance reporting lost objects
• Psychological assistance when necessary
• Tourist information

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm (0900 – 2100), Saturday/Sunday from 10am to 2pm (1000 -1400).

Address: Central Municipal Torrejó,
Plaza de Canalejas 1,
03501 Benidorm
Telephone: 96 681 23 34 / 96 680 98 70