Hoof And Mountain

Nestled in the mountains just behind the city of Benidorm, the small village of Orcheta is home to Hoof And Mountain Horse Riding Adventures. Owned and run by Rich and Sam Mayfield, their riding adventures started when they opened their villa, The Orange House in 2003. Initially used as accommodation for rock climbers (Rich’s passion) the couple soon began taking in all sorts of rescued animals and were eventually asked if they would take a horse that needed a new home. This was the birth of Hoof and Mountain and the couple now have 7 lovely horses, including a slightly crazy Shetland pony that thinks it’s a dog !!

All their horses are treated as part of the family and live grand lives, with loads of space, good fodder and pasture shelters. They are kept bare hoofed and only wear bitless bridles, giving them as natural a life as possible. Visitors can enjoy a variety of treks on several trails of your choice, including a 2 hour trek, half day trek with a drink & snack stop, full day trek where you will get to do some trotting and cantering and can even combine the trek with another adventure such as a rock climb. Finally there is an exciting week long trek with a support vehicle and cosy stops in B&B’s along the way. This will include a rest day for the riders and horses and is only suitable for experienced riders.