Set in 320,000 square metres of Benidorm’s lush and scenic mountainside park terrain, Terra Natura is much more than just a zoo. It provides the setting for an ideal fun and educational day out for the whole family. The park is divided into four themed areas: Pangea, America, Europe and Asia. Each area boasts animals, birds and reptiles specific to that continent with fantastic close quarter viewing and photographic opportunities.

Pangea, situated at the entrance to Terra Natura, takes the visitor back some 80 million years to a vastly different landscape that existed on earth in the form of a ‘supercontinent’. This area highlights some of the venomous creatures that use poison for self defence or to kill and capture their prey. Venomous snakes, deadly spiders and even poisonous frogs can be observed up close on this fascinating and educational tour.

The America area features the Amazonian jungles and rain forests of the south and forests and lush vegetation of north America. A huge variety of animals and birds can be viewed and heard all around from jaguars to exotic monkeys and parrots to toucans. The area dedicated to Asia and its flora and fauna is both exotic and exciting. Animals on view in their natural surroundings include Asian elephants, rhinos, tigers, buffalo and gazelles. For those adventurous enough, you can even take a thrilling 50kms per hour zip wire ride over the elephants and buffalo grazing below! The area also features authentically themed Asian villages and camps to explore. The Europe zone centres around the Mediterranean sea with an array of land and aquatic mammals and birds. Those to be encountered include deer and wild boar and native birds from swans to wild ducks. Kids can even enjoy a donkey ride through the pine trees to see the animals and birds up really close.

Also on offer in each area are a variety of entertainments including seal shows, animal feeding times, theatre and music. Restaurants themed on the specific area offer food and refreshments and some zones have kids play areas as well. Terra Natura park is open all year round from 10am in summer and 10.30am in winter. Entrance fees can be paid at the gate or booked in advance through various agents offering discounts and freebies. Present (May 2016) daily entrance fees at the gate are as follows: Adult 29€, Child/Senior 23,50€, Family (2 adults & 2 children) 79€.