Bel-Air was first formed in 1998, supplying and installing Air-Conditioning to private properties, Restaurants and Bars. We have supplied and fitted Pre-installations to most types of properties, from ducted systems with zone controls for a perfect temperature in each room, to straight forward pre-installed pipe work.

We then expanded into supplying pool heater pumps as they are a type of air conditioner and offer a wide range of winter and summer pool covers, at very competitive prices. Solar Panels and Solar covers for pools are popular as they extend the swimming season. The solar matting is very cost efficient for heating the pool and can be put on a roof or wall. For the ultimate luxury we offer a wide variety of glass enclosures to allow all year round swimming! The electric powered Solar Slats that lie on the surface of the water in the pool are fabulous and make an excellent security cover.

We also supply Solar panels for domestic hot water and for the generation of electricity. I think we need to think more seriously about Solar power as the electric bills just keep going up. Once installed your water is heated for free!

As we specialise in Air-Conditioning we can survey a property and then give a price for putting the right size machines in. There have been so many occasions when I have been called out to look at a machine that is so called not working properly only to find that the machine is not big enough for the room size. It is not only the size of the machine that needs to be right but also the quality, as some units will have such poor fan systems that they will never be able to work properly. We recommend people buy class A machines and above, as it is no good having air-conditioning if you cannot afford to switch it on!

It is also very important where the machines are placed when being installed as they should never blow directly onto you as you sleep. If you are in a constant draft you can develop Bell’s palsy, this is when the facial muscles drop on one side of the face.
During our survey of your property we will establish the capacity of the units you will need and we will be able to offer a wide range of units to meet all budgets.
All the units we offer are class A and above. This means they are the most efficient units for use of electricity, a very important thing considering the high utility prices. Another thing to consider is the noise levels of the machines, some can be very noisy. The fan speeds are important, as a poor quality unit will only move 300 cubic metres of air an hour, compared with over 650 cubic metres of air that good quality machine can move in the same time.

There are many types of machines on the market these days, Panasonic have a machine called, Etheria with Eco Patrol System. As soon as it is activated by remote control, it senses how many people are in the room and adjusts accordingly. There is also the Panasonic E-ion plus purifying system. Air is monitored both during when the machine is on or off. When dirt is detected, the air purifying function starts up immediately to clean the air in the room. Active e-ions are released to catch and neutralise airborne bacteria and mould.
These machines are highly efficient and energy saving.
We service, repair and re-gas most makes of machines and sometimes if there is a problem it just needs a service!

We have always strived to provide an excellent quality of workmanship and materials at a reasonable price and after nearly 15 years of living on the Costa Blanca and being in business we work mainly on recommendations.
Whatever the problem we will always try to help resolve it.

This year we have some exciting new products in the pipeline so watch this space!