The InTempo

You will hear more about the InTempo building in Benidorm than just about any other subject of conversation in the bars and streets of the city. Some may have an element of truth but ……don’t be too hopeful of getting to the bottom of the story or the top of the building !! Construction was finally completed in March 2014 after being hampered by Spain’s economical crisis of 2008. At just under 200 metres, it enjoys several claims to fame, being the tallest residential structure in Spain, the tallest building in the country outside of Madrid, and one of the tallest buildings in the world for the number of inhabitants of the city. Built over 44 floors, the building consists of 2 parallel towers that are connected at the top by a cone structure.

InTempo has seen its fair share of turbulent times, and aside from the economic crisis it has had several construction issues, and poor property management and accounting. The futuristic design now stands glistening in the sunshine, although due to its lack of tenants and disregard for air traffic laws, is just a dark shadow at night. For a cool quarter of a million euros, would-be buyers can snap up a small 1 bedroom apartment, or one of the luxury double level duplexes, complete with terrace jacuzzi in its lofty cone crown, for not much change from a decent lottery win !!