Mark Solomon

Mark Solomon
Friendly, flexible and with flair !

Born in the UK, I learned German from my grandmother when young, and went on to graduate in French at University. Lived in Paris 2 years, 1 year studying commercial French, the other teaching in a French school. Holidayed in Spain most years since 1968, with frequent visits to France and Germany too.

Worked in the UK insurance industry for 10 years, in a company for 5, then 5 years as a claims negotiator. ACII qualified (UK professional degree-level insurance qualification). Still have insurance sub-agency and remain member of the UK Institute.

Moved to Spain in 1997 – opened an office to represent a UK fruit & vegetable importer. Travelled throughout Spain, with trips to Chile, Morrocco, Peru, USA and France, gaining a thorough knowledge of the fresh produce industry and agriculture related to fruit and vegetables, as well as logistics, transport and technical/QC issues. My main role was interpreting for visits by UK supermarket buyers and at board level meetings as well as translating their technical and QC procedural requirements for the Spanish and Chilean suppliers.

When the company wanted to return me to the UK, I left and joined the several hundred thousand UK expats in Spain and now live 2km from the Mediterranean near Alicante. I Work as a freelance translator and interpreter throughout the Levante region, mainly Alicante province and have experience in hugely varied fields as well as in dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy. Previously I ran my own business, a shop and worked selling insurance, burglar alarms and advertising, as well as offering a personal bespoke estate agency service…

Jobs I have tackled are simply too many and varied to mention – anything considered, nothing too big nor too small. Asking costs nothing, I aim to provide a flexible and friendly service at a reasonable price.

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