Removals to Spain

If you’re moving or retiring to Spain, here are some helpful tips from Nicks Removals to help you on the way to a successful move.

So you have decided to move to Spain these tips will give guidance on the actual removal process. Moving to Spain can be exciting, overwhelming and hectic this is one time when you will need a good plan of action. So when we find ourselves in a position where we have to decide how to get our stuff from the UK to Spain, it’s often a process with worry and expense. Hence, the more planning and preparation we do, the more efficiently your Spanish move will go.

1: Deciding what to take – Before choosing a removal company for your move to Spain, do everything possible to reduce the amount of items you will be moving. Get the whole family involved in the checking and deciding what you are taking and what is going to charity, car boot or giving to family this will help you get your possessions organized and packed faster. Initially you can have two sections what is definitely going to Spain with you and what is definitely staying behind. Go through each room and decide what you definitely won’t need. It is a good idea to plan a carboot sale this will bring in some extra cash, donate to your local charity shops. An essential part of your preparation when you are getting ready to move out is to get rid of all unnecessary stuff. This way you’ll lower the total weight and cubic meters of belongings this will reduce the overall removal costs. Now you can de-clutter and remember Spain has the same or similar shop has the UK like Ikea! If the cost to move the furniture outweighs their value, consider leaving them and allotting the money to buying new when you arrive. Keep in mind that it is generally not worth taking your kitchen appliances due to different voltages and plugs in Spain.

2: Packing Boxes – If you’re doing your own packing now is the time to order removal boxes and packing materials. Boxes can be acquired from various places your removal company can supply them ask will they be added to the cost of the move. If you are sourcing your own boxes Argos click here sell home moving kits at reasonable prices. If you are doing your own packing its best to get started it can take quite a while to pack all your belongings and you may be surprised at the amount of boxes you end up with. Label your boxes with the contents and the room where they need to be placed this will save you time and energy when you come to unpack. When packing boxes for a Spanish move it is a good idea to place an itemized list of the contents inside the box. Good packing is important for a stress-free move. If you choose to do your own packing, it is important that you are familiar with packing methods that will best protect your possessions. Write on the outside of each box your name which your move was booked under and the full destination address of your new home in Spain.


3: Choosing a removal company
– Make sure that the removal company you choose is insured and a registered company with an address in the UK or Spain. When a removal company meets these requests, they are more suitable to meet with your requirements. Also check with friends or relatives who have made the move to Spain on any experiences they might have had with removal companies. Asking around for recommendations word of mouth is the best way to find a good Spain removal company.

Once you have a shortlist of possibilities get at least three quotes. These can be acquired by telephone or email. When making enquiries by email make a template email with a breakdown of what you are taking this can be cut and pasted saving time. Ideally you would want a home visit to assess your load – some companies will work off an inventory you supply. If you go down this route make sure to itemise everything that is being moved. Keep in mind that many European removal companies give quotes based in cubic meters, which may not be the kind of measurement you are used to dealing with. To make sure your move runs smoothly provide your removal company with as many details as you can. The date you wish to move and any flexibility (this can sometimes get you a discount) with pickup and delivery dates. Let them know if there are any access problems, parking restrictions or stairs. Problems are best dealt with in advance and will be useful in the removal company planning your move.

Any reputable removal company will offer moving insurance so check the cover they are offering but for any items of particular value it is best checking if they are covered. Also check if items are insured for breakages if you have done the packing yourself. If you don’t understand anything ask for precise and definite answers to questions.

4: Loading Day – Have a bath and a good rest the night before moving out, go to bed early and get up early so you can organise the move. Try and have a friend or family member with you to help with pets, children and the tasks that will need to be done. Keep all important documents like passports, driving licenses, NIE numbers and Spanish solicitor’s number, etc. safe and take them with you. Prepare a box of essentials you will need on the first day at your new home and make sure they get unloaded first. Make a note for the new owners explaining where items such as the boiler switches, water stop tap are. A few kind pointers will go a long way when it comes to mail redirection and puts some kindness into the move.

Check throughout the house garden, attic, shed, to make sure you have not forgotten anything. Instruct the removal men what you would like to unload first in your new home so they can organise the packing correctly. Ask the driver for his mobile number so you can keep a check on your load direct. Have some cleaning materials handy so you can clean after the movers have finished. Relax

5: Deliver day – Clear doors and passage ways for good unobstructed access for the removal men and wedge doors for a clear run. Consider where everything is to go in your new home prior to the removal van arriving if you know you can instruct porters where to place in your new home. This will save you a headache rearranging afterwards. Prepare parking for the van and make your neighbours aware so vehicles on the street can be parked elsewhere if needed.

Have some food and energy drinks available for the removal men this will be appreciated especially if the weather is hot! Take time to rest, relax and have fun during moving in! Keep smiling and good luck!

Once in your new home, get involved with the community you have moved, introduce yourself to your new neighbours. There are lots of Spanish expat groups on Facebook & Twitter to help you feel at home. Update your address book of friends and relatives. Learn Spanish, hospitals and local welfare services staff will not usually speak English. You will find day-to-day life much easier if you can make yourself understood. Your confidence will grow if you learn the language it will help going shopping! Cheap flights and the internet with websites like Facebook and Skype mean you are not far away from friends and family back home. For a quote from Nicks Removals click here