Visit Alicante’s Myths & Legends

Want to visit Spain’s secret side? 

Did you know Alicante has its own sad tale of lost love which is just as heartbreaking as Romeo and Juliet? Have you heard of the wicked father who put a curse on his daughter forcing her to live in the wilderness unless she can find someone to break the curse? Did you know a Spanish city has St George for its patron saint?  

These legendary tales from the times when the Moors ruled Spain are included in the first Secret Spain Travel Guide, Visit Alicante’s Myths And Legends, written by journalist Sarah Farrell. The idea came to Sarah when she practically ran into a running battle during the Moors and Christians fiesta in Dénia and was curious to find out more.

“Spain is fascinating. Even the smallest town has its own fiestas and amazing stories. I wanted to share legendary tales from Spain to celebrate these heroes. Many are based on true stories, such as how a brave woman, Armengola, saved Orihuela’s townsfolk from being massacred by the Moors in the Middle Ages. Others can be taken with a pinch of salt. But they’re all beautiful,” said Sarah, who has been living on the Costa Blanca since 2005.

Sarah Farrell

“I want people to read these stories and be inspired to visit Alicante to see the very places where they took place. To walk in the footsteps of the heroes and heroines in this book.”

Almond Blossom in Jalón

This Secret Spain Travel Guide also contains first-hand information about the towns and cities mentioned in the stories. Sarah shares Spain travel tips about Alicante restaurants, hotels and attractions to encourage people to explore this wonderful region of Spain.
Visit Alicante’s Myths And Legends is available in paperback and ebook from the Amazon store