Something to shout about

‘My advice to the older woman choosing new glasses is that adventurous is good.’

This autumn is the start of a landmark 50th year in the entertainment industry for the unstoppable Lulu.
The 64-year-old Scots-born singer, actress and businesswoman, has taken time out from her hectic schedule to launch Specsavers’ elegant new range of glasses, Aurora, which has been designed especially for the more mature, sophisticated woman.
Lulu first realised that she needed glasses in her late 40s when she was in her car and couldn’t read her A-Z.
‘I was shocked,’ says Lulu, ‘I had always taken my really good eyesight for granted and was a complete stranger to glasses. Now, I barely take them off, out of necessity as well as fashion I have to admit.
‘I have many, many pairs of glasses and I can never remember where I have left them so I have some in practically every room!’


Lulu is as renowned for her sense of style and youthful looks as she is for her music and she’s determined not to let age stand in her way.
‘I am a granny now and grannies once had a bad rep for being little old ladies with glasses perched on the end of their nose, sitting in a rocking chair. Those days are long gone, we are living longer and I think that we should look as good for our age as we possibly can.’
Lulu is known for classic style with a rock’n’roll twist that carries through to her glasses, whether she’s sporting bold cat’s eyes – her favourite from the Aurora range – or an oversized pair of sunglasses.

‘I always try to be inventive with my look. Music is my first love but it’s a really tough industry so you have to keep up. If I am to stand next to Kylie, who is gorgeous and younger, I have to look the best that I can. I keep my clothes fairly simple but accessories are my secret weapon.
‘As you get older, it gets more and more difficult to keep up with the latest fashions. Accessorising is what it’s all about to keep your look modern. Scarves, hats and jewellery are great but if you choose the right pair of glasses for your face shape they can become the perfect fashion accessory and the finishing touch to your look.

Shake it up

‘My advice to the older woman choosing new glasses is that adventurous is good. Don’t let the frame be bigger than your face or stand out too much but don’t play safe either. The most important rule is not to wear the same glasses in your 50s and 60s that you wore when you were younger. Don’t wear the same lipstick or hairstyle either, shake it up, it’s important.

‘The Aurora collection has something for everyone. There are some bolder styles and some classics with beautiful jeweling and metal work. The cat’s eyes frames are my favourite as they are bold but pretty at the same time. Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting frumpy.’
When she’s not working on her award-winning anti-ageing skincare range, Timebomb, or her own jewellery range, Classic Rock, Lulu is spending precious time with her grandchildren, Bella and Teddy.

‘I have a lot of sadness about not having had any more children, so to have my son and his children living just 20 minutes from me helps keep me young and on my toes. I have been given a second chance so it’s really important for me to spend as much time with them as I can.
‘I pinch myself that at 50, I started a business. Who would have thought! Age is a state of mind and I love to be challenged. Taking part in Strictly Come Dancing nearly killed me but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I don’t think I will ever stop and nor would I want to.’
The next chapter in Lulu’s career has already opened; she is returning to her roots singing the blues. ‘I have been working with these really amazing blues musicians in New Orleans. I am now in the studio writing with my brother and, hopefully, some new music will be on the horizon soon, so watch this space.’

The Aurora range is available exclusively from Specsavers. Priced at €150, there are 13 sophisticated styles to choose from, which are also included in Specsavers two for one offer.


Born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie on 3 November 1948 and raised in Glasgow
Had her first top ten chart hit with Shout at the tender age of 16
Gained international recognition after starring alongside Sidney Poitier in To Sir With Love in 1967
Won the Eurovision song contest in 1969 with Boom Bang-a-Bang
Guested on the Take That cover of Relight My Fire, which reached number one in 1993
Took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2011
Lives in London and travels the world singing and promoting her anti-ageing skincare and jewellery ranges
Has one son, Jordan, from former marriage to hairdresser John Frieda
Is grandmother to toddler Bella and one-year-old Teddy


A t-shirt which is six or seven years old with Steve McQueen’s face on, nobody can deny that he’s cool, he’s really cool!
Louis Vuitton wedge sandals – I am a bit of a shoe person and I couldn’t live without these. I am a bit of a midget and these make me look really tall and they blend in with my jeans.
My Timebomb skincare line, I really use it all and use it religiously but if I were to pull out anything I would have to say the Miracle Glo Glotion – it gives me that really dewy glow like a young person has. Also my Smart Balm Eye Cream. This balm can be applied under and over your makeup any time of day and night and helps with rehydration, dark circles and puffiness.
With the eyes being the windows of the soul we need glasses. As my eyesight ain’t what it used to be I need my fabulous favourite Aurora 10 specs from Specsavers.
From my Classic Rock jewellery collection, it has to be the Armor ring. This baby wraps right around and extends the full length of your finger and is encrusted with black and marcasite Swarovski crystals.