Understanding contact lenses

Specsavers Opticas casts an expert eye over contact lenses, how they work, how to use them and which ones to choose.

Contact lenses are very thin, domed discs made up of complex plastic materials. They are positioned in front of the cornea to focus images onto the retina at the back of the eye in the same way that a spectacle lens does. They stay in place by floating on the film of tear fluid covering the surface of the eye and are practically invisible when worn. Contact lenses are available to correct most conditions for which glasses are prescribed, including long and short sight, presbyopia and astigmatism.

Make sure that you visit a fully-trained contact lens specialist, who can offer you expert advice before and after you buy contact lenses. They will help you choose the right type of lens based on your visual requirements and personal preferences.

To wear contact lenses, you need a current glasses prescription. Your optometrist will also carry out an assessment to ensure that they will be suitable for you. They will also make sure the recommended lenses fit properly and are comfortable. You should have regular aftercare appointments, to ensure that your contact lenses remain comfortable to wear and that your eyes are healthy.

Your optometrist will discuss your prescription and lifestyle, to establish whether monthly disposable, daily disposable or continuous wear lenses are best for you. You can choose from daily, two-weekly and monthly disposables, or even all day-all night lenses you can sleep in. Varifocal wearers can have their prescription fitted to monthly disposable contact lenses and those with astigmatisms can benefit from daily or monthly disposable toric lenses. You can even opt for coloured lenses, which can change the appearance of your eyes.

Soft contact lenses

These are the most popular lenses. They are very pliable and soft, which makes them easy to get used to and comfortable to wear. Soft contact lenses cannot be easily dislodged so are ideal for sport and active lifestyles.

All day-all night monthly disposables

The ultimate in contact lenses, they are made from highly advanced materials that allow the eye to breathe. You just put them in and forget about them for a month. Then you throw them away and put in a new pair.

Daily disposables

No cleaning involved so you don’t have to worry about pots of solution. You just throw away the lenses after wearing them for a day and put in a fresh pair the next time. You can use them all the time or for just a few hours during sport or evenings out.

Visit your nearest Specsavers Opticas for a contact lens consultation where our specialists will check your eyes, find out about your lifestyle and preferences and make a recommendation on what contact lenses would best suit you.

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